bargain blazer.

yesterday was a day of research for IT coursework, shopping and plain chilling before the stress of exams. my outfit for that day was;
coat, some unique brand my uncle gets stuff
jumper, charity shop, £4.50
brown tights, DKNY
tassled loafers, office £20
aeroplane necklace, accessorize £5

PLUS, i got a silence + noise navy blazer from u.o for just a tenner down from £7o! bargain or what.
perfect fit and i had a gift card from a lovely friend, so really i didn't have to pay a penny and i still have 1p on my card sand the woman at the counter said 'spend it wisely' nah, i'll just stick it in my diary probably. ^_^ oh and chloe my sister, went to urban pie and had the nicest mash and gravy, mmmmmmm. was an okay day other than the bus ride back, i felt slightly woozy (probably from the squirting of sample perfumes in boots!) byebye.

COW (shop)

a usual day, planning to watch st trinians but we were so unorganised we were too late to watch it so we thought we'd visit the lovely vintage shop in town called COW and i found a great flannel like shirt (mens large) for 7 quid!



i love the maroon and navy patched together.



I have decided to start a diary for 2010 and what inspired me was me finding an old diary i'd kept when i was waay young and reading it just made me reminisce i guess :)

it was just a black 2010 diary and it wasn't really me so...

voila, i covered it with old newspaper to make it a bit more...quirky.


the ol' german market :), hot dogs, waffles, sweets.
blue jumper from u.o, £10
brown scarf from mother, free
denim jacket from gap ages ago, ?
leather bag from italy, 29 euros
jeans from gap, £8
boots from shelleys, ? (vintage)

rome '09!

so yeah, i am literally going to rome tommorow... (friday morning) and i am beyond excited: i shall have to pack tonight while watching gossip girl and i just have so many clothes i want to bring! here is the itinerary off the school website:
Day 1: Coach trip from School to a London airport. Flight to Rome. Transfer to hotel. Evening walk to the Trevi Fountain.
Day 2: Sightseeing in Rome. The city can be explored on foot and by using the integrated public transport system. Start at the Colosseum, where gladiators fought to the death, and continue to the Baths of Caracalla, made famous in 1990 by the original “Three Tenors” concert. Walk through the Forum, the extensive ruins of what was once the religious, political and commercial centre of ancient Rome. See the Palatine Hill, Arch of Constantine and Imperial Forums. Continue to the River Tiber, the Theatre of Marcellus, the Capitol Hill, and the imposing Victor Emmanuel monument. Complete the walk by viewing Trajan’s column, a monument to the achievements of the Roman army.
Day 3: At leisure in Rome. Visit (by public transport) the Vatican City to see St Peter’s Basilica, before climbing to the top of the dome. Have lunch outside the Castel Sant’Angelo overlooking the River Tiber. After lunch, cross the Tiber for a walking tour of the piazzas of Modern Rome, taking in also the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain (in daylight this time) and the Spanish Steps.
Day 4: Depart Rome after breakfast in our Italian coach and transfer to the Bay of Naples. En route we make a stop at the site of the ancient Roman port at Ostia. (note: this will be a highlight for DJM as he’s never been there before). We arrive at our accommodation in Sorrento for evening meal and overnight accommodation.
Day 5: Full day to Pompeii using local train service. At Pompeii, once a flourishing town and seaside resort, visitors can experience the Roman town which was engulfed in ashes following the massive volcanic eruption.
Day 6: Full day visit to Herculaneum and Vesuvius by Italian coach. Herculaneum was a busy Roman port destroyed, like Pompeii, by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. The town was preserved by the mud flow which covered its buildings. Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano still dominates this region. It is possible to climb right up to the crater.
Day 7: Transfer to Naples airport for return flight to London. Coach transfer back to School.

for me - this means a lot of photographs with my new camera, a 7 day sleepover at hotels with my friends, a lot of pizza and icecream and wearing a different outfit everyday so make sure you check out my blog when i upload the pictures! WILL MISS YOU!

-C xxx



some favourite nail varnishes, french connection, rimmel, barry m etc. i love painting my nails:)

my favourite make-up bag - paul frank :D ent it the cutest, although i don't really use make-up much except for the odd lipstick/lipgloss or eye liner/mascara but i prefer au natrual.

question mark

old picture (my hair was longer) but i really wanted to show this dress 'cos i love it, it's a nice colour with a black pattern along the neckline and they match really well:)

dress: urban outfitters
tights: m&s
cardi: gap
bag: primark
ah i found this lovely lil' vintage box today which is really useful to keep bits and bobs in. thoughts?
marie clare, elle, vogue - the expensive magz we buy, usually we just buy grazia and look but when there are cool freebies with particular magz we just gotta get it!

tough frock, (inspired by alexa chung)


dress: portobello market
boots: shelleys
leather jacket: next


jumper: DKNY
jeans: gap
converse: old
bag: h&m

x-factor 2009

ah just got back from school, haha everyone has been fumin' about x-factor and those dicky twins who got through?! i swear, they're probably related to frickin' louis who in my opinion is sucha crap judge :) but ahh i love jamie afro, daniel, joe, stacey, lucie etc! so yeah, i love x-factor!!


ahh, so my life recently: school school school, homework homework, town AND yay i got a new camera:)! sony, half price, 130, comet, free case, ordered online and it's well lovely and omg it is going to be perfect for... ROME! It's going to be amazing, we've got passports&ehic cards sorted, what to pack list and we've had a few meetings on it, so yeah 23rd october :O, ah expect a LOT of pictures from rome, oh wow were going for a week and it's just going to be an amazing experience, words cannot explain my excitement!!! xo


so going to wear sandals here ;)

THE wall :)


my small room i share with my sister isn't all that but we try to make it interesting with like a million posters - music, fashion, collages etc. so this is it (oh and the majority of one of our walls are dedicated to twilight and ro patz haha), it took a while to do and a lot of blue tac was used but i gotta say i'm pretty proud of it haha. so opinions?

500 days of summer

normal day out, went to the cinemas to see '500 days of summer' no biggie but it was a really good day :) even though i had a bad cold, we took cool pictures, chilled and a mate; conrad bought me tropicana :p and sheesh, the film was amazing!

some cool me pictures:)
an ordinary day (which was surprisingly more than that.) these are the days i hope to last for a while.
'Memory is a crazy woman that hoards colored rags and throws away food.' - hah.

a friday :) so we went to town to buy birthday presents for a coupla friends cos there bdays were close! outfit - brown wax canvas bag, ralph lauren polo shorts, h&m leggings, h&m cardi, white converse and topshop socks. was a good day, xoxo
so yeah, i'm the kinda person who will just eat cheerios at about 3am in the morning. you ever just think that someone is doing the exact same thing and thing the exact same thing as you? hmmm, freaky.. yes i tend to think about irrelevant stuff like this but it just confuses me in the end. oh! but the question 'which came first the egg or the chicken?' PLEASE someone answer it haha. xoxo


just another page in my messy sketch-book:)
enjoy and i would love to hear your opinions.
inspiration; this page was created when i was flicking through
a mini fashion booklet and found a nice picture, it
reminded me of like a path towards the future. we've
also been learning about poetry and philosphy at school so i guess
that's my inspiration!

just my sketchbook:

just some collaging before school, ah it's full of random stuff,
but that's just how i like it!
i plan to collage, painting, using oil pastels, drawing, doodle and stuff in it :)


okay, i won't have much time to blog as school has started, unfortunately. so this post shall be dedicated to my clothes/accessories which i bought from my trip in london and a few bits and bobs which my uncle got off the internet!
here is some stuff i've bought/got which i love:

a cute little brown vintage bag from portobello market, £5.
an adorable dress with really nice material from portobello market, £15
a big ol' vintage bag found in the attic from americaa floral dress from zara sale, quite boho style i think :), £7
a checked coat from my uncle off the internet!

well, i love these and would love to hear your opinions about them! :)

in the clouds.