so yeah, i'm the kinda person who will just eat cheerios at about 3am in the morning. you ever just think that someone is doing the exact same thing and thing the exact same thing as you? hmmm, freaky.. yes i tend to think about irrelevant stuff like this but it just confuses me in the end. oh! but the question 'which came first the egg or the chicken?' PLEASE someone answer it haha. xoxo


  1. I eat chocolate covered raisins at 2Am, so it's all good! And my brain will fry (haha. Egg reference, get it?) regarding this whole chicken and egg thing, so I am going to have to go with - I DONT KNOW! :)

  2. the chicken :) i reckon, but thats if you believe in evolution then it should be tht :) but then again the thing before the chicken would have a little evolved baby from an egg but im gonna say chicken :) lmao
    omg i always think tht wen im doin silly things like tht :) x love your blog


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