a friday :) so we went to town to buy birthday presents for a coupla friends cos there bdays were close! outfit - brown wax canvas bag, ralph lauren polo shorts, h&m leggings, h&m cardi, white converse and topshop socks. was a good day, xoxo


  1. i loveeee ur style! different with others, u have special style. =) really like it.

  2. thanks for comment on my blog. yours is cool. Nice style, nice pics, and a real nice place to live. i myself plan to go to London probably next year, cant wait hihihi i'll link your blog in my page then...
    please follow me backat www.gd-dujour.blogspot.com


  3. aww i love london so much + your blog is really cute , i am now a follower :)
    sammie xx
    p.s. - thanks for the comment and follow ♥

  4. I love your style, I'm def following! I love the shorts so much!


  5. love this simple outfits .
    love ur shorts ,nice shirt and cool ur sneaker.
    awe cardigan and cute bag :))


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