okay, i won't have much time to blog as school has started, unfortunately. so this post shall be dedicated to my clothes/accessories which i bought from my trip in london and a few bits and bobs which my uncle got off the internet!
here is some stuff i've bought/got which i love:

a cute little brown vintage bag from portobello market, £5.
an adorable dress with really nice material from portobello market, £15
a big ol' vintage bag found in the attic from americaa floral dress from zara sale, quite boho style i think :), £7
a checked coat from my uncle off the internet!

well, i love these and would love to hear your opinions about them! :)


  1. love the vintage bag, i've been looking for one like that myself. i really like the coat too(:


  2. Oh my, I just love the bag from Portobello. I have been looking for something like that forever! Could you possibly contact me if you see anything else like that as I have no time to come up and stay in London anymore due to school and GCSE's. I would be very greatful.
    Nice blog by the way :)

  3. MMMM good ones.
    the two dresses are so beautiful and look very delicate. and the bag is amazing. wish i had portabello market here. XD the coat is gorgeous.


  4. hey girl! Thank u for a comment :) I really like the first bag, it looks so vintage, amazing :) and the dress is beautiful :)


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